I have to buy two or three pairs of shoes until I find one that I really like. At the time I buy them I think it fits great, but then after I break them in rough I come to realize that there are compatibility issues that I don’t feel like dealing with (kinda like women).

I would like to give away the following pairs of shoes. They are all size 12, and all worn less than 10 times.

I bought this because I needed a casual brown shoe. Problem is that these are not casual enough.
Brand: Nunn Bush
Amount I paid: ~$70

I can’t wear these because the light blue color is incompatible with my wardrobe.
Brand: Aldo
Amount I paid: ~$80

These shoes were end-game for me. They are exactly what I want: Casual enough to wear anywhere but nice enough to wear into a bar. But they are too narrow for my wide feet. Even after breaking them in, my right pinky toe couldn’t take anymore. To wear these out at night I had to have a couple quick drinks to numb the pain.
Brand: Rocket Dog
Amount I paid: $55!

I’m giving these away for free but you have to pick them up (one pair per person). In exchange I would like a cool trinket, like this motorized Patrick:


Use your imagination.

Let’s hope my new relationship works out:


14 thoughts on “SHOE GIVEAWAY

  1. brown cow

    Judging from your taste in shoes, there exists a simpler solution to your shoe dilemma. Wear one of your uncomfortable pairs to a bowling alley (in case they hold your street shoes for you), and basically walk out with the rental pair of bowling shoes. They will have already been broken in by numerous others, and you will have a pair of shoes for the cost of a day’s rental.

  2. spcwby

    Go Italian. Period.

    Analogy: wearing inexpensive footware is tantamount to replacing your hy-performance motorcycle tires with units from K-mart.

    As your parents told you (I hope), you really do get what you pay for…….

  3. iron shirt

    Why in god’s name would you try to match that blue shoe to denim? It would be a clusterfuck even if the shoe was a solid, but no, it’s distressed, so you’d be basically attempting to match a pattern with a pattern of the same colour. Jesus fuck christ, what the hell are you raincouver, a fucking masochist?

    Nice choice on the gola’s dcb.

  4. Raincouver

    Dr. James (Iron Shirt),

    If you were the true fashionista you claim to be, you could match those shoes even to shorts. But I get the feeling you won’t be travelling to DC to pick up any of these shoes.

    You seem to be more fond of the F word than most 20 year olds. Don’t be such an angry young man. To put it in fashion terms, “that was so early nineties.”

    DCB – any real offers yet?

  5. Eugenius

    in all honesty i agree…..ugliness across the board…..though the last ones will probably serve your “roaming in Spain” needs for a little while…for work get a normal shoe, stop trying to combine…..i think we’ve talked about this…….

  6. Wendy

    am I missing something here? Isn’t DCB trying to give these shoes a new home for free? Was he joking? If not you people suck, they are nice shoes I like them.

  7. Anonymous

    “then after I break them in rough I come to realize that there are compatibility issues that I don?t feel like dealing with (kinda like women).”


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