Bush, Kerry Rocked at Oscars

They finally have a funny host and I missed it…crap.

He likened Bush’s performance as president to working at a clothing store such as the Gap, starting with a surplus, but ending with trillions of dollars in debt.

“Just imagine you worked at the Gap,” Rock continued. “You’re $70 trillion behind in your register and then you start a war with Banana Republic because you say they got toxic tank tops over there.”

“You finally take over Banana Republic and you find out they never made tank tops in the first place.”

The remarks generated laughter and applause from many of those in attendance.

Later in the program, he took a shot at Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, while he pointed out Oprah Winfrey was in the audience.

“Oprah is so rich, I saw John Kerry proposing to her just an hour ago,” Rock joked.

Maybe I’ll have to watch next year.

34 thoughts on “SONOFA

  1. mafia mike

    The Gap analogy was the best thing he said all night.

    Second best was his ribb at Jude Law.

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