Meet Rick Schwartz.

He’s the guy who runs candy.com, and makes thousands a month via Adsense.

The site design is basic. Content? There’s not much. And, the rest of it? Well, the the site is basically one big Adsense ad.

Google recently featured Candy.com – a domain Schwartz bought in May 2002 for $108,000 – as one of its successes.

So, what’s the Schwartz secret? Type-in traffic, otherwise known as direct navigation.

At a time when everyone is all about “organic listings” and SEO, it turns out that millions of Internet users don’t search at all. Nope. Thanks to AOL and its popular keywords, instead, many surfers type what they’re looking for right into Web browser’s address bar, then click go!

The first time I heard about this, I was like — no way! But, after purchasing one simple IE keyword for $15k/year, one of my sites went from bam to schazaaam … in one day flat, pulling in more than 100k visitors the day the direct navigation took effect. This is when I realized that Rick, a.k.a. Domain Name Kingpin, was not completely crazy (he also owns porno.com – you gotta watch out for those pr0n owners).

So, as more and more keyword-trained AOL dial-upers make the switch to high speed, more and more Internet surfers will be typing in what they want instead of searching … because they don’t know how to use a real Web browser.

Call it lame. Call it insane. Nevertheless, it’s going to mean more cha-ching and bling-bling for the Web playazzz. OWNED!

9 thoughts on “SWEET SUCCESS

  1. O-face

    Miss Metropolitan, their is a rule of thumb about people who talk about money all the time. The rule of thum is that either, A. You grew up poor or B. Grew up without a male figure in your life. Nobody wants to hear about pocket change “Adsense”. Plus its the holidays so who wants to really discuss business. I like you, but I feel that sometimes your disengaged from blogging. Its a career tool for you or a scheme to make money. Miss Metro, just be you and keep it geniune. Thats the only reason I read this blog, because I know dude is authentic about his positions.

  2. Miss Metropolis Post author

    O-face: Thanks for the tips. That post on the candy.com thing was actually something that one of my friends sent to me. I’ve been really busy lately and have not had time to really blog. And, I have been doing silly / funny posts — because if I really blogged what was on my mind … oh – there’d be fire! Thanks again, “O” – MM

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