I know a lot of you come here for my blog hating, but I have decided to outsource it. It has just been so hard to do after the humiliating destruction of the CPMC. I can’t really top that.

Many people contact me through email and instant messenger to share in the hate of the general suckiness that exists the DC blog world. (Ideal blogger: fat person who no one wants to date.) Well, it’s time for some public discussion.

Today, I introduce to you a panel of three male blog enthusiasts, or Illuminati if you will. I can not give you any information about them except that they are not me, in any shape or form. They are distinct individuals who have banded together on their own for the sole purpose of sharing their opinions. I have given them space on my blog because I am sort of impressed with what they have to say.

The Illuminati will only be identified through obscure monikers. Their names are:

Egg Shen:



Tomorrow it begins. The Illuminati will review six DC blogs. Most of these blogs you know and probably read. As they put on the finishing touches to their public debut, I will just say that some of the drafts I’ve read have made me squirm. But like art, good hate must be appreciated, whether it lands on a seemingly good target or not. Will this feature be petty? Maybe. Offensive? Most likely. Will it cause relationships to end? Possibly. But will it keep it real? Fuck yeah it will. Ultimately that will be for you to judge.


  1. Namaste

    Hating, it seems, makes the world go ’round. Although I have a strong feeling that the Illuminati would out-hate all other haters…and not send threatening personal emails in their wake. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    ::yawn:: indeed. We want to hear about your dating observations and stories, and occasional experiments like the craigslist ads, but not this silliness!

  3. Days of Broken Arrows

    If you don’t watch it, your reliance on “special guests” is gonna get you pegged as the P Diddy of the blogging world — someone who calls in outside help because of apparent lack of inspiration. Maybe I should send you personals of fat chicks to fire your imagination…

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