Both comments of the week are by one individual named Joe.

American Women Vs European Women
I?ve had three European girlfriends so far and they never cease to be amazed and disgusted by the selfishness and lack of femininity of many American women.

His next comment belongs in the same league as DCRookie’s masterpiece.

Being Mindful During Times Of Plenty
DC women put MUCH more emphasis on dating good-looking guys than in other areas of the country where the dating pool is more mixed and less chockablock with up-and-coming well-educated ambitious career-climbing types. Therefore the whole dating scene in DC is dramatically, drastically skewed towards women tacitly having their pick and calling ALL the shots, basically, while the men are just ?chosen? ? or, to use DCB?s phrase, ?pumped and dumped.? Yeah, that?s right ? it?s the GUYS who get pumped and dumped in DC, much more than the women. If you go to other parts of the country, women are NOT calling the shots.


  1. Joe

    I guess I’ve trod into forbidden territory here on the DCB! 😉 I’m just relating my thoroughly HONEST experiences from having lived in the DC area for 9 years. I’ve since moved back to Las Vegas, where everything is the EXACT OPPOSITE of how it was for me in DC. Translation: in the DC area I was grovelling to get a date with the plainest girls; back in my hometown, things are the way it should be in DC, but never was. It’s back to normal for me. Damn! Why did I waste so much time inside the fucking Beltway?!

  2. kate

    a. I don’t buy your “three European girlfriends.” Having sex with some furry italian girl while studying abroad your Junior year does not a girlfriend make.
    b. You probably haven’t gotten laid since.

  3. Joe

    I’m sorry you’re not buyin’, Kate, but my three Euro girlfriends were as follows:

    1) Hungarian, 5’6″, jet black hair, blue-green eyes, extra-large bust, swimmer turned teacher and now I hear is a Green Party activist in Hungary

    2) Croatian, 5’4″, dirty blonde, blue eyes, M.A. in international relations, worked for USAID; I found out she was very briefly a Moonie in college and that was what caused us to break up

    3) Greek, 5’9″, big bust, chestnut hair, brown eyes, business degree, worked as a commercial property appraiser; I was charmed by her nerdy glasses actually

    All quite hot!

    Sorry you don’t believe me… as we all know, guys like me who criticize pathetic loser American women like like YOURSELF, gratuitously on DC-oriented blogs simply CAN’T have ever had a perfect piece of ass or any facsimile therof, because it would just totally burst your egocentric bubble. Aiiight?

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