Why Are You Out?
Chicks with borefriends are GREAT for sex. She already has a financier/emotional sponge, so, you don?t have to buy her shit, take her out, listen to her ?chick rants??that?s what her BOREFRIEND is for?and you get all her whorish hot sex.

Two and Out
You think amazing sex comes after one ?intimate? dinner date? NO, it comes from having intense feelins and emotion and from wanting the other person so bad because you?re probably in love with them. After that first encounter, you?ll find yourself in a situation where you could be getting laid 3 times a day by someone you actually like/love.

Financial Needs Of a Man
As a gynecologist and a man,I?ve [noticed] that when a woman is uninterested in sex, you?ll have more luck squeezing blood out of a rock. But strangley the disinterested never starts to manifest itself until after the relationship has been solidified in some way. Rent porn and jack off young man