American Women Vs European Women
You?re all so idealistic! Any group of people has their merits, or demerits, as the case may be. However, the american experience, although shared by a large number of people, is still incredibly unique. Consummerism, mass media, fast food (fast eveything), and a 24 hour lifestyle, is something that americans share and understand.

Why Are You Out?
Listen. I know why you talk to me, I appreciate the mack but this ass isn?t on the market. I tell you fuckers within the first two minutes that I have a boyfriend. I even make it easy for you by saying ?Not only do I have a boyfriend, I?m not going home with you.

Tight Game
Yeah, what I was thinking? College, volunteer work, work experience, graduate school? All that time, instead of pursuing my worthwhile lifetime goals, I could have been standing around in dark, loud bars trying to talk to strangers. And what a chump I?ve been, meeting girls in places other than bars and having meaningful relationships with them. Pure idiocy on my part.

Secret Message Mulan
One of the reasons that I think that sellout asian women are not attracted to asian men is because of North American media. I blame North American media because of how they are negatively stereotyping asian men in movies/TV shows. Asian men?s? role in the media is very limited compared to their white counterparts… [9 ways Asian men are portrayed in American cinema]

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