What do Americans and Catholic Cardinals have in common? They choose to elect a leader that sends them further from reality. Good job assholes.

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  1. O-FACE

    Basically that sums it up. Would have been nice to pick a Latin American or African, but NO NO NO!!!! Lets pick a descendant of Hitler from Assyria. The homeland of Assyran Nation—Skin Heads. Wow, i feel welcome, thank you very much.

  2. Silly Donkey

    I agree. Way to blow a great chance to show the world that your religion will be able to change with the times. So, I guess they won’t be making any changes to all of the birth control, stand on AIDS, or homosexuality. Great job you idots. Way to spend some time as to who you would like to elect. I added you to my blog if you don’t mind. Feel free to take a look and add me if you would like. Keep up the good work!

  3. The Senator

    Take it easy guys. Calling Catholics assholes or idiots isn’t that cool. I get that you’re pissed. I’m Catholic, and wish they went with Arinze from Nigeria or someone else from Latin America. You may not know this, but choosing John Paul II was a major move for the Church–it was “changing the times,” hence Vatican II. This new Pope is 78 years old. The next one will be more progressive. Until then, starting Holy wars on your blog isn’t necessary.

  4. O-FACE

    Brah, i’m not calling out the catholics. I could care less. Just think that appointing someone who is not your standard white bread european to be pope would send a powerful message to the world. How can you expect anybody to take that religion serious when they know the world wants that change and they STILL don’t do it. Just i wonder how anybody takes them serious with there issues and how they resolve pedophilia in the system.

  5. nabeel

    This new pope will do practically nothing. Like The Senator said, he’s 78 years old – they picked a “transitory pope”

  6. Mother Superior

    He had compromising photos of several cardinals at Neverland Ranch. This new pope is affectionately called the “ball peen hammer.”

  7. The Senator

    Give the guy a chance. You never know…he might to a better job at cracking down on the pedophiles, etc. I agree, however, that the Church could have made a statement picking someone else, but this Pope is transitory, like Nabeel said.

    Final point: 1.1 billion people take this religion seriously. American culture screws with American Catholics, which makes many of us “cafeteria / convenient” Catholics. But, I also know a bunch of Jewish people who eat cheeseburgers, but they can still take their religion seriously. It’s all good; a 2,000 year old religion ain’t gonna change overnight.

  8. Marc

    Wouldn’t a religion “changing with the times” lose some credibility.

    The bible isn’t going to be re-written because of the social changes that go on around the world.

    They chose the Pope that they think is the best Candidate. If a Latin American had been the best choice, then a Latin American would have been chosen.

    Stop being fuck sticks.

  9. DCB Post author

    So the Catholic church lost credibility when they recognized the Earth was round?

    New research and technology DOES change life. Doing nothing about it only hurts the 1.1 billion followers. More unwanted pregnancies, more disease, and more discrimination against homosexuals… but we appear unwavering!

  10. Marc

    You are talking social trends, not physical truths.

    History is littered with changes in social behavior, and societal fluctuations. If the church stops following the bible and starts letting social trends dictate its beliefs then that would mean the entire meaning and historical impact of religion is a farce.

    I’m not Catholic, I’m not saying that I agree with everything that goes on in the church. What I am saying is that the core church doctrine cannot change.

  11. J.P.

    Surprisingly I am with the Senator and Marc this time.

    I am not crazy about this choice for the same reasons as other people. But really I am more surprised that people expected the Catholic Church to do otherwise than pick a fairly conservative pope. If you were raised Catholic you know that the Church is an institution that changes at Glacial speed and you begin to unsurprised that at its lack of change of stance on issues. I think this lack of change has become a real problem for American Catholics, speaking for myself because as you become more educated you question the admonition of a priest who tells you that birth control is completely wrong and when you know the Church supported wars and far worse in its history– in other words American Catholic have become more resistent to being intellectually bullied by inartful priests.

    On the other hand, the Church’s role in other parts of the world is entirely different and truthfully I’d rather not speculate on something I don’t know much about.

    As pointed out- this papacy is likely to be relatively short anyways- hopefully we see some positive variety next time.

  12. J.P.

    Oh- Sorry The Senator, honestly I haven’t read much of your commentary yet, but generally Marc tends to be slightly more conservative though. I meant it in a non-antagonistic way.

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