I started the weekend at Bar Rouge on Friday night, one of my favorite bars. I’ve taken a lot of girls to Rouge so everything there means something to me… including the bathroom.

This is where I analyze how the date is going. I love it when I’m able to look in the mirror and see a grin on my face, and just know that I’m going to get some in an hour or two.

After Rouge we hit up Cloud.

All I can say is wow… how they were able to get the exact same crowd as Spank and Eyebar is quite amazing. The actual club is nice I guess; if I want to open a club I should just take bits and pieces from existing clubs and throw in some VIP beds for good measure.

On Saturday Insomnia, KRod and I went for a ride in the country. About 40 miles in we stopped and Insomnia noticed that his wallet was gone. Turns out that his wallet exploded out of his pocket as we were riding. We backtracked and found the general location of the incident.

Of course we catch a thunderstorm after not finding his wallet, adding further shame to the ride home. Riding with a boot full of water was not very enjoyable. But what was enjoyable is seeing twenty-somethings in school girl outfits later than evening. I was disappointed that the “Naughty Schoolgirls” weren’t that naughty, but thigh-highs kinda made up for it.

We hung out in Annapolis all night long until closing time… 1:30AM. You know the bar you’re hanging out is made for white people only when there are model airplanes hanging everywhere.


  1. Liz

    Sounds like you had a good weekend. If any of you heard about the party in Winchester called “Castaway II”, I was there. I helped with the trance/psytrance tent, and let me tell you, the whole party (sans my area) was a total disaster and cluster fuck. Needless to say, cops showed up, it got shut down at 4am, and one of the dudes who threw the party was arrested. Good times, oy. :rolleyes:

  2. katek

    I WAS @ castaway, sketchy shit when the cops showed up…lots of djs got dicked out of playing, d&b tent never got put up. : [

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