I don’t think you girls know what it takes for me or any other decent man to go into a bar or club and take care of business. Maybe because we make it look easy. You evaluate us quickly, concluding that we are “cool” or “funny” or “intelligent,” but you don’t realize how much it took for us to get there. Years of practice, rejection, and experimenting, all for you to realize in that one moment that you are attracted.

It takes a lot of mental energy for me to approach and properly game a girl I don’t know. Any drunk loser can spit some stupid shit to a girl at a club, but to walk up to a girl, like a man, and show your personality, everything that you are, in a meaningful conversation through all these distractions… well, that ain’t easy. It takes a huge amount of mental energy — after an hour or two of constant game I need a chair to sit in. You get tired like you would playing sports.

I’m not talking to you here in the club just to talk to you, just to shoot the shit. It’s very nice that you think I’m funny and interesting, but that really doesn’t do it for me like, say, digits that lead to something fun. Our conversation is just a means to an end. You should know that. So for the love of God, do not engage me for an hour when you have a boyfriend. Do you not understand how much you’ve wasted my time? If I’m at a club for two hours, our one hour conversation (where you didn’t mentioned your boyfriend until the end) took away 50% of my valuable macking time. And now I have less energy to go hit on the next girl. You ruined my night.

If you have a boyfriend or fiance, STAY THE FUCK HOME. Why are you out? You must realize you will get attention from guys like me dressed that way. Does your boyfriend, who I’m sure you are madly in love with, know you are flirting with me looking the way you look? Or is he around and getting a kick out of the fact that other men want to have sex with you? Do you need validation that badly? You have potentially deprived a single woman of meeting her dream guy. Women… always selfish.

55 thoughts on “WHY ARE YOU OUT?

  1. Scorpion

    Hot woman that are married or with a boyfriend that go to bars/clubs should be banned. If they attemtp to enter they should be beaten.

  2. tymber

    Yet another reason why I hate this pathetic excuse for a city. DCB, cock diesel, et al, you all are douches. Douches. DOUCHES. Don’t even bother flaming me and calling me a troll, because I’m not coming back; I’m just here to witness the trainwreck that is this blog.

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