1. Trick a guy into dating you by hiding your flaws and emotional instability.

2. For the first couple of months, indulge his desire to treat you like a slut in bed. Casually mention that you heard good things about anal sex.

3. Make him commit (a certainty if you flawlessly executed steps 1 and 2).

4. Remind him how much you hate his friends, how he is too good for them, and how they are holding him down.

5. Lower his self-esteem through sex withholding (start with oral) and subtle jabs at his masculinity.

The result: He is forced to spend more time with you, putting his game out of practice. Not sure of his ability to get a new girl, his confidence goes down. He goes out less. His life now revolves around you. You start picking out his clothes. Your suggestion to move in together or get married now makes sense because he thinks he can’t get another girl. You’re his new mother. Destruction complete. Once you own him, start complaining endlessly to your girlfriends about the weak man you helped create.

42 thoughts on “HOW TO DESTROY A MAN

  1. jessa j

    wow thats harsh. i guess i can ackowledge that this actually happens somewhere in this world but… seriously, what girl doesn’t want to be treated like a slut in bed.

    (or a dirty scientist :amused: )

  2. V

    She will force him into marriage and the cycle is complete (this exact scenario happened to my cousin, poor slob)

    He will have the last laugh though when some cute lady makes him “feel special (read: sexual) again,” and he cheats like crazy on his now overweight wife.

  3. chicbutnotshady

    this sounds awful….
    except for the first few months.
    This is a no-win for anyone. Probably happens, but only to two very insecure, co-dependent types!

  4. DennisB

    He won’t get the last laugh if he cheats. She will — she’ll get the house, kids etc. Better read up on family courts.

  5. Windy

    ouch. what (or who) inspired this post!? although must say definitely truth, i know of at least one couple that this applies to and everyone is trying to save the poor guy.

  6. holiday

    Bitter much? I’m with Windy. I wanna know what girl was able to rope you into a relationship and beat you down into submission. Unless of course, we’re talking about your “friend”.

  7. natty_g

    ” Once you own him, start complaining endlessly to your girlfriends about the weak man you helped create.”

    This is the only part I don’t get…why would a woman want to rope in a man with the ultimate intent to bitch to her friends about how big a pussy he’s become?

  8. Anonymous

    natty, they don’t go into it with those intentions to complain to her friends….DCB is saying thats what ultimately happens, i.e. “He’s so freakin’ emotional!”

  9. nabeel

    harsh, but I’ve SEEN it happen… to someone close to me. ain’t a pretty sight. so if a girl does #4 or #5 or just plain disrespects me – or even if I get a whiff that she’s doing #1, too – I will dump her immediately. bye bye honey.

  10. nabeel

    another thought… and an optimistic one at that… maybe, just maybe, it’s not a bad thing that the courts are moving towards the right these days. that way they can start being fair to the men in family courts instead of favoring the women no matter what 98% of the time.

  11. Spaniard

    Damn that’s so sad, but so true especially from a man’s perspective. You start going out less, hang out less with friends (women make you think that they are all you need) and then throw the lasso around you and ride you till you’re domesticated and committed.

    Sad but true to a great extent.

  12. Whatever

    Ouch, this is sad. There are just some shitty people out there, men and women, who treat people terribly. I guess everyone is guilty of dating a person who really sucked, but staying with them like this makes him the idiot. This is when friends are really important to give him a needed reality check.

  13. CrazyGirl

    Do most guys actually let women do this to them? For the most part, the couples I know don’t seem to fit this mold. Maybe 1 in 8. I just don’t see how it can happen all that much. I’d imagine both parties involved in a relationship like this would ultimately be miserable.

  14. Namaste

    wow. even I feel emasculated now. have you read my “emasculation our men” post? it probably won’t make you feel much better…

    i have to agree with Cookie on this one. i prefer the so-called “stallion” who still retains his spirit, but does not need to stray. and if he does stray? then shame on him, poor thing. shame on him. from the sound of it, i’m assured now more than ever that it won’t get much better for him.


  15. Muffin

    I’m definitely down with this list. Seen it, nearly been it, etc.

    I do have to add though – what’s with pussy-ass men letting the relationship run this course? I don’t give a shit how trampy / fun someone is in bed, once the relationship starts rolling downhill as you’ve described it’s brick wall time.

    Just cause some women try to ride the relationship in to the dirt, doesn’t mean you have to let them.

  16. DCB Post author

    Only beta males are vulnerable to this type of emasculation… the same type of person who is susceptible to joining a cult, perhaps.

  17. DC_Cookie

    Did I say confident women do #1? Um…scratch that. I meant #2 only… and don’t stop at the first few months. Never use sex as an ultimatum either. That is just whack…

    A man should never be forced into something, or he’ll end up despising you…

  18. Namaste

    Here-here, Cookie!

    We should start our own cult. Let’s call it, “Cult of Satisfaction”.

    Who’s commin’ with me?

  19. Anonymous

    Okay, so he’s a weak-minded fool who can’t be a man because he’s a slave to his penis… tell me why he doesn’t deserve what he gets? He needs to grow a pair.

    Any man…or woman… that caves into a marriage that they don’t really want is asking for an emotional lashing. Codependency is not an attractive trait.

    He wasn’t weak because she made him weak. He came to her that way.

    ‘Nuff said.

  20. Anonymous

    I will admit it. Been there, done that and have the baggage to prove it. much love to DC cookie and Jessa J for giving a guy hope not all women are the same.

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  22. My 2 cents

    Go kill yourself….you worthless piece of shit…it is bitch like to take create men that dont give a shit anymore and the cycle gets complete. And believe you slutty ass little whore the man will get his revenge and get the last laugh casue we are better and smarter creature than she whores like you. You should be beaten gang rape and they shold bring back midevil torture just for you slutty piece of shit bitch ass. Go die like a vomit magget that you are you worthless piece of shit

  23. Anonymous

    It seems that this site is kind of a “toilet” where everyone dumping his hurt feelings and negative experiences… Smart, it cheeper than shrink. Learn to cry guys. It helps too, works for girls….

  24. SMILE

    see women do have power! watch out men we can destroy you… because we are the OPPOSITE SEX mwhahaha
    hehe sorry yeah it is sad (snickers) xxxxx


    I love clicking on random, old posts here. Your site is quite entertaining. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, and consequently, I found Virgle’s site through you. Another good one. Thanks!


  26. Obbop

    Majority of American females are spoiled and brainwashed and are not worth a second of a male’s attention.

    There are a very few decent gals but most believe they are princesses worthy of whatever they desire and believe that the universe revolves around them.

    It is sad but it is reality.

    Generally, for true happiness…. just decide to use females are mere sex objects, ensure you do not impregnate the greedy self-centered airheads, then go happily on your way and enjoy life.

  27. 3 years on

    Oh boy, try two dates IN A ROW who asked ME to go out, then didn’t want any more sex half way through???? First one was like okay, fine if you want to keep going go ahead, but I’m going to play dead. You try to get it up. Oh that does a number on a dude. Second one, a month later, same thing, but she just quit in the middle, really should be going. Like an idiot, I called her and we went out again, had a fun night and in bed she did the same thing!!!! Is there like a herd of women out there who just want to screw with dudes’ heads???? I’m 27 for cryin out loud and fit as a fiddle, but you try to get it up if you don’t feel like you can trust women.

  28. Sugar

    This is SO not true people,I did all of these things (merely out of habit, because that’s what good women do for sad liitle puppies)I had keys to his apartment,I was supposed to be at work one day and was feeling physically ill (thought I might be preggers), I opened the door on a naked girl (he was doing wash), so I waited for him, while drilling her in shock. It was so priceless, the look on his face had NO remourse.She wasn’t even as pretty as me and had awfull breasts, told me she was a “gypsy” and worked at a weed shop…where he was buying with my money.I can’t believe I fell for any of that shit.This particular guy was a “jock ” and not my type at all (not cool, very little personality-who has time to develope a personality, when your busy keeping up with lies.) If a guy is “that guy”, the a-hole…he will always be.
    I didn’t trust him, and for good reason.
    i wasn’t pregnant, (thank GOD) by the way.

  29. ChickMagnet101

    True True!

    I see this happen to guys all the time who have weak interactions with women. For many dudes, they hop on the first woman that pays them any attention.

    If a guy is confident enough about himself AND his ability to set standards, he won’t fall into this trap.

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  31. anonymous

    happened to me,
    lost career, job and almost my sanity,
    28 PhD no job, no life, no friends
    4 years ago – one of best students, great life, many friends, lots of girls
    the woman after 2 years of phases 1,2 discovered my previous serious trauma from childhood and carefully orchestrated its replay over 1 year with help of her friends.

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