I noticed something interesting with nerd/geek girls who are only sorta cute (6/10 on the rating scale): they get as much attention as the model 9’s and 10’s.

Nerd girls are on a different social level than hot girls. They probably work at a science or computer company instead of a nightclub or bikini car wash. At their job they are surrounded by nerd guys who have absolutely no capability or skill to land anything above a 7 without buying her a new BMW. But these guys are realists, so their dreams at night consist of marrying the cute nerd girl like the mediocre looking Cat Schwartz from TechTV instead of say a Penelope Cruz.

When they encounter a Cat Schwartz-like girl at work, they go absolutely crazy by showering her with attention, favors, and offerings for lunch. It doesn’t matter that her personality is boring; all that matters is she fit the nerd guys fantasy of a woman he could possibly land. Sure the nerd girl doesn’t have many hot studs chasing her, but she doesn’t care because she has an endless supply of rather successful and smart guys at her disposal. She is experiencing what its like to be this girl.

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28 thoughts on “NERD GIRLS

  1. Liz

    Know why they get as much attention? Because they’re probably good for intelligent conversation.

    There are many many “hot” girls here at Towson. I wouldn’t say I’m considered to be one of the “hot” ones (but just know I’m not a dog either, hehe). I get male attention, probably because I can hold down decent conversation and talk about things other than frat/sorority shit, the OC, etc.

    I’ve noticed that with women (and this can apply to men too of course) that you can be the hottest thing at a party, but if you’re dumb as a post and open your mouth, your attractiveness plummets a bit. Unless you’re a complete shallow SOB and are not interested in intelligence.

  2. Andy

    I’ve dated many nerd girls. In fact I would venture to say I have only one girl that was not a nerd/geek girl.

    I don’t find nerd/geek girls to be any smarter than your average cool girl.

    I would say intelligence is completely seperate from how cool or geeky a girl is.

    The only value in a geeky girl is that she may be more into stuff that you are into but dont count on that.

  3. Leia

    I wonder how many girls play the nerd girl part just as a show. I think it’s the same sort of situation as a “goth” girl, you decide what sort of people you want to be around and look like them. “Geek” is in, isn’t it?

    Or maybe it’s like girls that hang out at sports bars to meet guys. They learn all about it as a way to relate to guys? Even the girls that I consider geeks don’t play Everquest.

  4. James

    Ahhh the crazy nerd dating world :banana:

    Maybe nerd guys like girls that play videogames, like it’s an aphrodisiac for them or something. I notice that whenever I go into EBGames or something, if there’s a girl working, she’s surrounded by a flock of nerds. Kinda scary actually.

  5. Chad

    As a guy who plays games competitively online (aka I’m a pretty big geek), let me explain this as I have witnessed it all too often. Any time there is a girl, of any attractiveness level at all, who is moderately good at video games, she will have 40+ guys constantly fawning over her, in game, out of game, on messageboards, anything. Everything short of marriage proposals. Even despite the fact that she is by way of internet, pretty much impossible for any of them to nail, they will still lavish attention on her.

    I think this is mainly an effect of scarcity. If only 1/50 people playing a game (if that) are girls, then when a girl plays it is a novelty. Not to mention, people who invest large portions of their time in videogames (or other geeky things), don’t usually invest equal proportions of their time in finding suitable mates.

    All of these factors create the “Drooling over a 6/10” effect that dcb is describing.

  6. DCB Post author

    If you look on messageboards, stupid threads that would normally die are huge if its posted by a girl-sounding name.

  7. Greg

    Liz, you are wrong.

    I have two engineering degrees, one of them being an electrical engineering degree. Unfortunately, I am SURROUNDED by geeky guys, and the occasional girl.

    It is a stigma, but a well earned one. In college, femals in engineering programs were FAR less compatent. Reason why? They would get so much help from the guys clamoring over her, that they would get lazy fast, not stay caught up in the courses, then rely on the always lingering group of guy’s help for the next 4 years.

    I work for a major UNIX computer company you have heard of, in the R&D division, and it’s the same thing with 90% of the women. They get incredible attention it is ridiculous. DCB is 100% on the money with his post.

  8. Paul Gowder

    the mysteries of dating are, I think, just unfathomable. I’ve done things like start (casually) analyze census figures to figure out how it’s possible, with presumptively similar sex drives, to have such a bizarre disparity of mate availability. There is no explanation.

  9. CruelHazel

    I was at a Wizards of the Coast back in the day and got asked if I would wear a chainmail bra by a couple gamer boys there.
    Geek girls may have the pick of all the geeks around them, but the problem is…. they’re all still geeks.

  10. Dirty

    Ok, being a “nerd” type of girl myself, I have cme to realize quite a few things about men. 1- they do not like nerd girls because of intelligent conversation 2- most guys are essentially nerds themselves whether they like it or not, even the metrosexual ones The reason that guys like nerd girls is because we are not drop dead gorgeous model types that look down on anyone and everyone as though they are bugs that must be squashed because they are contaminating their pretty and polished little world of perfection. They know that we arent going to treat them like shit and shoot them down just cuz they aren’t perfect. The only ways I would shoot a guy down on the spot is for the following reasons: making racial comments, being completely rude and perverted without even knowing me personally, arguing with me incessantly about stupid shit, and having bad hygiene. other than that I can deal with some pretty freaky guys, and personally I prefer a guy that is at least a little bit different from the rest of the crowd. So bring on the men! Us nerd chicks can handle them just as well as the hot chicks can! :tard:

  11. Chris

    Hey im a nerd but a good lookin one. I read tons of nutrition books, and exercise alot so i have a surfer dudes body, and along with that a 180 I.Q, so I could get any girl i really wanted but i date a totally nerdy girl. Ive tried dating other “pretty girls” as many would call them but all they talk about is girl stuff, and they arent very intelligent. Me and my nerdy girlfriend talk about the universe, chemistry, science and all the things that interst us. She reads nutrition books too and she doesnt look half bad either. In fact to me she is the most beutiful person ive ever seen and am hoping to marry her soon. So see nerdy guys date nerdy girls not for there looks but because they can relate to each other and have a very intelligent conversation and realtionship.Plus name one hot girl who would enjoy playing Dungeon & Dragons whith ther partner or stay up late playing on there computer together. That is what me and my girlfriend do and we have never been hapier. I am getting ready to propose sometime this week so wish me luck.

  12. Joe

    I think you’re generalizing. Some of us nerds read How To Win Friends and Influence People and don’t spend the day quoting Aqua Teen Hunger Force. We have found our inner slimeball/playboy/Republican and can mesh quite well within any social dynamic. Truth be known, for us, beautiful women are downright boring and unchallenging. The “nerd girls” I’ve been with don’t dig the whole eager puppy nerd-boy act anyway. There’s a thick divider between being a little boy nerd trapped in a man’s body, and being a nerdy man. If you trade in StarTrek conventions for tickets to a classical concert or baseball game, and learn to navigate the shoe department at Sears, you’ll find a new set of women within your reach, never-you-mind what you do for a living or the thickness of your prescription glasses. But, in the end, what the hell difference does it make? You’ll end up with your proper match, if you’re truly the thinking person your looks make you out to be. 😉 Just don’t be a manchild about it all.

  13. Jessie

    Is nerdy-ness subjective?
    For example: I know ALOT about useless stuff like seahorses (and they have some really stupid latin names like h. erectus and h. hixtrix: erect and horny), but know shit about most current events and more useful “nerdy” things…

  14. inventingman

    I must say, I am pretty much a nerd (QuizBowl MVP, science facts out the wazoo, etc.), and out of all the girls I know, the nerdy ones are the most attractive to me. I can really relate to and identify with a girl who’s so similar to me wherein a fancy, “hot” (10/10 to most guys) just doesn’t seem nearly as beautiful. Out of the three girls I find hottest in the world, I’m going out with one and that’s mostly love, but the other two are attractive because they’re simple, intelligent, rather selfless, and friendly. Plus, conversations with them are deep and enlightening. I’d go out with one of them over one of the girls fought over in my school, anyday.

    That’s my rant. Hope it helps.

  15. Sarah

    Who says nerdy girls can’t be 10/10 hot? Honestly, I’m pretty freaking good-looking, both in face and body, AND I love video games and all those other stereotypical nerd girl things, highest grades in school, etc.

    But otherwise, I think in some way everyone has something nerdy about them. I’ve got plenty of dorky things I do! And if they don’t, they’re probably really boring and don’t relate well intimately because they’ve got nothing they’re passionate about to the point of geekdom.

  16. mr advantage

    First and foremost i am the total opposite of nerd however that would explain my inexpicable attraction for these beautiful ,intelligent complete women with the gift of wisdom moreover i just wanted show my appreciation for these rare and gifted women throughout the world by saying thank u for having that inward beauty of intelligence that makes me so insane for your attention affection and adoration that feels me with the feeling enamorment

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  19. Keeley

    I consider myself a geeky girl, I like to play video games, watch old movies and do “guy” things like skateboarding and football. I have been told many times that I am attractive. Not all geeky girls are unattractive. I grew up with 6 brothers and I guess that is why I enjoy lots of things that usually guys like. Geeky girls rule because we would rather spend our time doing something (like playing games) thats more productive than sitting there talking about other girls or just people in general. To me that is so stupid and does nothing for anyone.

  20. Anonymous

    It’s so sad. Why does everyone think nerdy girls have to be ugly? Yep, I consider myself a nerd because I get good grades at school, talk about things that actually matter and of course there is nothing wrong wtih playing video games but whenever I go to a party I am showered with compliments of how good I look.
    Girls can be smart, intelligent people who will makes a difference in the world but they can also be beautiful, feminine girls and should be proud of it. I am proud to be a girl who is feminine and smart.
    THank you.

  21. Lestamore

    I think there is more to it than looks. I think there is also a fantasy element. Like why some guys think the schoolgirl thing is hot, and others go for the big fake-boob looks. Are you more attracted to innocense or a confidence. either are ok.

  22. Fred

    I LOVE girls who like thing such as Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, XBox, Gameboy, Game Gear, Nomad, Jaguar, 3DO, Playstation2, Playstation3, or even Tiger hand-held electronics.

    I am currently searching for the perfect mate (and documenting it on and not ONE girl has a keen interest in such fascinating topics!

    It is a very curious and lonely world we live in, girls. Time to continue playing all of my systems simultaneously.

  23. Katie

    Yeah, you could call me a girl nerd. I take darn good care of myself (I’m on three sports teams) and on my weekends I play the old Sonic and Mario games while drooling over the press releases of next-gen consoles. I can name every single Legend of Zelda game. Girl nerds do exist.

    Because of this, I get a lot of guys both online and off. But like someone above me said, you can attract the smartest guys in the world… but they’re still geeks. Too often I get general romantic drivel online; I’d like to point out one thing, guys: keeping your cool and not going out of your way to pursue a geeky girl is the hugest turn on. We get enough ‘Oh my God will you dress up like Sailor Moon’ as it is.

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