Every weekend you see the same thing: a bunch of guys out and about, embarrassing themselves for women.

It’s humiliating to go out, attempt to dance, put on this “I’m a cool guy… really!” show, and essentially act like a monkey to get into a girls pants — to lower yourself for someone you don’t care about just to get that physical pleasure. But we have no choice. Unless we hit rock-star status, we always have to go out there in the field to the latest shithole, spitting the latest line or cracking that one funny joke that ladies love. We keep doing it until we have no energy left… until the game decides that we can’t cut it anymore.

No man quits when he’s on top. One day you wake up and realize you are that old, desperate loser in the club that you hated so much when you were young. You are finished, doomed to dating your coworkers and getting rejected by women on the internet, praying that you won’t die alone while envying friends whose relationships are far from perfect. No man who plays the game comes out on top because the game owns him. All the while there is that one guy who doesn’t play at all, who lives by his own rules and doesn’t care about sex, relationships, money, appearances, or power. He cares about himself, his thoughts, and his experiences. He’s the only winner, the only one who has created his own reality, with no rules and no regrets.

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  1. Cock Diesel


    Once you?ve mastered ?inner-game?, virtually everything else in your life falls into place.

    People are constantly looking for fulfillment from external things. {IE: Cars, relationships, social status, gadgets}:boring: They are in constant pursuit of these external things because they are after a certain ?feeling?.

    Happiness, love, fulfillment, gratitude, and peace are all created in the mind and can be experienced whenever you choose. It?s just that ppl construct specific rules before they will allow themselves to experience these feelings.

    As far as ?The Game? is concerned, most of these packs of clowns really aren?t seeking sex at all, or at least, that?s not their ?end value?. They are out seeking ?validation?, just like the girls.

    Pick-up lines, routines, and patterns are just surface covers for flaws in one?s ?inner-game?. If you fix the problem at the root, the surface stuff really doesn?t matter much.

    Once you?ve found your ?purpose? or ?path? and stay on that path, your life will be transformed and most external things you use to care about will hold no importance.

    For me, it changed my spending habits massively and I got rid of virtually all my material possessions because now I see most of that stuff as CLUTTER. My bedroom now consists of: a bed, a laptop, and a nightstand with a clock and Buddha statue on it. THAT?S IT! LOL! I EVEN got rid of both of my TVs. (Although, I do download all episodes of South Park & Entourage :amused:).

    I already feel 100% content and fulfilled and live everyday in perpetual bliss, so, I literally live off of less than 1/10th of my income.

    Once these attitudes are internalized, then obviously, your behavior changes as well. The effect this has on the opposite sex is profound. It?s as if you are the sun and they are planets trapped in your orbit.

    The Good: As many beautiful women as you want. :eviler:

    The Bad: You could care less. 😐

  2. Days of Broken Arrows

    If you decide to opt out of the game, don’t you automatically get traped in another game? Isn’t everything — interaction in every sphere — ultimately a game?

  3. Cock Diesel

    ?If you decide to opt out of the game, don?t you automatically get traped in another game? Isn?t everything ? interaction in every sphere ? ultimately a game??

    Whoa, you are getting into quantum physics here.

    There is no wrong or right answer. It?s totally up to your own personal interpretation and the reality you?ve created for yourself.

    Reality is completely arbitrary.

    I HONESTLY believe you can live in virtually any reality you?re able to construct in your mind. Since you?re able to program reality to your choosing, it?s easy to perceive it as a ?game? or ?simulation? since you always have the option of running a new program, or editing the current one.

    When interacting in ?the game? you will always have conflicting realities. It?s mind combat. Either you are buying into HER reality or she is buying into YOURS. Whoever?s frame of reality is strongest wins out. The same goes for AMOG-tactics.

    In my reality, I win in EVERY frame. If I do get result that most ppl would perceive as negative, I automatically RE-FRAME my interpretation into something completely positive. 😎

  4. pill

    Life is THE Game – relationships, friends, business, wars, family – everything – you alone have the power in which manner you want to interact with it.

    The root question is not whether you are in the game or not – but what you are types of goals you want to achieve whether atruistic or narcisstic.

  5. V

    What would such a place be constructed of or look like? A monk (I’m serious), a priest, a swinger, a misanthrope have a sense of that life? How do we know what makes us happy versus what we have been taught all our lives makes us happy? While “the game” is certainly part of a false mechanism for fulfillment, how can one be sure he has “created his own reality, with no rules and no regrets?”

  6. KassyK

    Its interesting actually…I never thought I played games when I was younger, just that I was honest and more in your face than most girls…but now that I am older I realize that that was just a game as well…I was the girl that would say it to your face instead of behind your back and didnt “take any shit”…Hm…the idea of just being able to live with no games and just LIVE is very appealing…would be nice if we could all just do that.

  7. sean

    ?Sounds like someone needs a shrink>>??

    Well, he’ll be able to afford it since he lives of of 1/10th of his income (money in the bank baby!). I say people who’s self image is attached to what kind of car they drive or whatever tend to end up at the doctor’s office more often anyway.

    V, as far as “happiness” is concerned….all there is to it is you tell yourself you are “happy”. All other methods (no matter what Oprah says) are a lie. This (mostly american) obsession with “happiness” is why so many people are “unhappy”. It’s a growth industry with no signs of slowing down, unfortunately. I think people just need to stop the bitching, whining, and complaining 😉

  8. Liz

    ?Sounds like someone needs a shrink>>??

    You’re a nut (a nut)! Crazy in the coconut!

    That boy needs therapy!

    I LOVE that track.

  9. Cock Diesel

    It?s hard for the majority of the populace to rationalize any of this. They are machines programmed to consume. In fact, I liken most of them to heroin addicts. They buy most everything on impulse because they are searching for a ?feeling?.

    As soon as the ?consumer addict? gets the goods, the pleasure quickly extinguishes itself and they are immediately planning their next fix. They are building a tolerance with every purchase, after awhile, they have to buy twice as much (or spend twice as much) to receive the same high.

  10. Cock Diesel

    I never try to combat chick (il)logic.

    Chicks act at all times to gain and maintain social status. This is more important to them than virtually anything. Why? Because the typical American chick is a bottomless pit of low self-esteem.

    Anyhow, approval-seeking always LOWERS your social status.

    You can usually see it in ANY social interaction. One person is trying just a little bit harder than the other. The person attempting to qualify themselves to the other is always the person of lower social value. (at least in their own mind)

  11. Cock Diesel

    ?Sounds like someone needs a shrink>>??
    ?You?re a nut (a nut)! Crazy in the coconut!
    That boy needs therapy?

    ?Reframing? and ?modeling? are fundamental concepts in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

    If you google NLP, you?ll find over 17 million results. These concepts have been around for nearly 30 years.

    You warpigs should wait to comment on things you?re familiar with, like ?American Idol?, ?TRL?, and ?eating from a trough?.

    :fat: :fat: :fat: :fat: :fat: :whip:

  12. fanman

    Cock Diesel, I have to disagree when you say that there is no fundamental reality. Its certainly an easy conclusion to come to when you start to learn the game since everyone has one of those “wow what all these chumps think is a lie” sort of epiphanys but I really suggest that you reevaluate that opinion. The great philosophers put a lot of thought going from your belief that “everything is nothing” to my belief that “everything is something.”

  13. fanman

    … and on dcb’s post: I think after spending a month or two going to clubs we figure out that the women who frequently go to clubs are far from the most emotionally stable and interesting (note: frequently go to clubs, not all women at clubs). They are not worth lowering yourself in order to get and if you are serious about finding worthwhile girls there you’ll spend most of your time screening for normal women. If clubs are the basis for your “game” you will turn into that old desperate loser.

  14. Cock Diesel

    Well, I suggest you rent or download this flick called, ?What the Bleep Do We Know?!? I think it might challenge your perception of ?reality?.

    LMAO! @ ?when you start to learn the game? 😆

    Look, we were sarging and testing ?pick-up theory? as far back as 10 years ago on ASF. That?s where the real-life characters in Style?s book came from buddy.

    If you want me to expound further, maybe you can get DCB to point you to some of my archived posts from 4 years ago, because I?m not going regurgitate that ancient crap, n00b. :boring:

  15. not your average American girl

    Cock Diesel,

    There are girls out there who are sexy and fun and not totally status-driven whores. Even some that love Entourage so don’t give up yet. But where can a girl meet a “cock diesel”-type, because I have yet to meet one at a bar?

    Curious though… where does clothing fall into the spectrum of your minimalist attitude about material consumption? Do you hang out naked all the time or just repeat often?

    And by the way, I think the one that is most willing to walk away is the one that has the leverage in terms of his/her realities battle. While that person may be the strongest, they are not necessarily so.

  16. Cock Diesel

    Yes, there are sexy, fun, smart, American girls out there and I hang out with several. It?s just my experience, those aren?t your ?typical? or ?average? American girls.

    ?But where can a girl meet a ?cock diesel?-type? :laugh:


    Well, I?m not much into the bar scene; however, I am sucker for an excellent DJ that spins good house music. You?ll see me at music festivals, indie/foreign film festivals, the theatre, and jet-setting across the globe.

    Clothing? –Well, see that?s why I don?t consider myself a hardcore minimalist. I still work in corporate America, so, I still have to look the part. I still wear Versace, Armani, ect?I just NEVER buy it retail and if I buy a shirt and a pair of shoes, that means I have to get rid of a old shirt and pair of shoes.

    I like to look well-groomed and stylish; I just don?t cross the line into full-blown metrosexuality. :gay: :laugh:

    BTW, yes, I agree with your last statement.

  17. fanman

    Cock diesel, I have lurked on ASF for two years and spent enough time in field to understand exactly what you are saying. When I met mystery about a year ago and had a similar discussion with him about this exact same thing.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is just because you understand how to control a frame does not mean that there is no fundamental reality beneath all of the bullshit.

  18. Anonymous

    Reading from CD brings images of Mickey Rourke in “Barfly”.

    Reading from CircleV brings images of a holiday similar to Steak and Blowjob Day but redesigned for her benefit.

  19. Cock Diesel

    ?Cock diesel, I have lurked on ASF for two years and spent enough time in field to understand exactly what you are saying. When I met mystery about a year ago and had a similar discussion with him about this exact same thing.

    Basically what I?m trying to say is just because you understand how to control a frame does not mean that there is no fundamental reality beneath all of the bullshit. ?

    Oh ok, I thought you were trying to insatiate I was new to the scene.

    Yes, although RJ started ASF, Mystery is largely responsible for testing and backward-engineering many of the theories.

    If you are interested in frame control, Tyler Durden is brilliant at explaining sub-communication. Read that guy?s shit.

    Anyhow, what I find fascinating is how a room full of ppl can experience the EXACT same event, yet they all interpret in differently and have different accounts and recollections of something that JUST happened.

    Whose reality is real?

  20. AUA

    “No man who plays the game comes out on top because the game owns him.”

    Heh. That must suck.

  21. fanman

    I think we’re basically on the same page now.

    Certainly everyone percieves things differently and it is facinating how your previous experiences affect how you interpert your current enviornment. I think in psychology they call this frame a “schema.” Who’s reality could possibly be right when there are so many different interpretations? With so many interpretations could there be many different realities and no actual truth to anything?

    As I mentioned before this is a tough philisophical question, but I think that there is a true reality. By being on the scene you have had the light shed on one area of your life: social dynamics. Sure many peope percieve what is going on in a group differently but don’t you percieve it better than most? To use a reference to the Matrix, its sort of like seeing the code. People had plenty of models to explain the motion of the planets prior to modern physics, but flaws were found with the models and they were adjusted to better represent true reality.

  22. AUA

    Anonymous, I’m trembling at your assessment of the nature of our relationship. I’m aghast that people think that about me.

    How, HOW will I ever prove myself to be a man to the likes of you??

  23. Cock Diesel


    Even if there is indeed one true reality, I feel as if it can easily be influenced, altered, bent, and manipulated to one?s liking.

    ?Seeing the code?, yes, that?s an accurate analogy for interpreting the constant flow of sub-communication occurring around you

  24. DCB Post author

    AUA: I have noticed your hater response format…
    Author Identification – Acknowledgement – Sarcasm – Question mark

    My Example:

    Anon: “AUA you are a douche”
    AUA: “Wow anon, you are right i am a douche. I should have known. What would I do if you didnt tell me???”

    Previously on DCB:

    “It?s all true. I feel so – – so ? geez, man, I don?t even know what I feel anymore. I?m such a sissy bitch. 🙁 ”

    et cetera

  25. AUA

    You’re dead on, DCB – – I can only work with what I get.

    I was really looking forward to a nasty response from “anonymous,” but since there is nothing any of these fools can say except “you’re a beta” or “you’re whipped,” then I’ll never really get my chance to shine.

    Please instruct your fellow haters to try harder.

  26. Mandy

    Wow, Cock Diesel and fanman, you sound like a couple of computer engineers I know…talking about “seeing the code” and all…but I?m not saying that I don?t appreciate your logic! You?re very insightful.

    In Brazil, there is an expresssion: “Se Deus quiser,” or “If God wants it to be.” It?s a common saying, but you?d never here it in the states.

    I think the problem is that Americans are too focused on control and attempt to manipulate all situations (like the women who try to create the perfect test-tube baby in one of DC?s other posts). Down here, the Amazon covers half of the country, and people understand that major forces are out of their control.

    Americans try to foresee all possible outcomes and avoid any potential problems because we consider it a path to success (and sometimes it works). But the constant over-analysis makes people neurotic.

    That?s how people mess up relationships. And that?s how crazy women arrive at desperate conclusions about “mutt babies” and perfect Aryan specimens (ew).

    Great posts!

  27. Joe

    It’s interesting that apparently the ennui and angst arising from being repeatedly spurned and abused by DC women has turned some, like CD, to lives of monklike asceticism.

    There’s more to life than sitting around chanting “ommmm” to your Buddha statue, CD, and I do hope you know how to go out get gloriously trashed once in a while, too.

    Sometimes I wonder what makes all these unfulfilled, morose guys stay in the DC area. I have a lot of friends back there, with great jobs, who are in their late-20s to early 30s and literally never get laid for years because they won’t drop their standards into the cellar and date butt-ugly 2s and 3s when these guys themselves are 6s and 7s.

    In any normal place these guys would be banging a new cutie every week (if they wanted to), or would have nice-looking, steady girlfriends, or be married, but NOT in DC.

    I guess all this rejection and shit makes one philosophical…

  28. Cock Diesel


    Whoa, what a captivating Freudian analysis! :thumbup:

    My life is one International adventure after another. Sometimes, I WISH I spent more time at home. I don?t live in DC. I live in Atlanta (I?m looking for a place in Miami Beach though).

    ONSing drunk chicks at dive bars is not only EASY it?s also very BORING. That?s why I don?t do it. :boring:

    Also, I find it HIGHLY unlikely that I would meet someone at such an establishment that could dethrone one of my MLTRs (Multiple Long-Term Relationships).

    That?s just my preferred lifestyle.

    Joe, every time I read one of your posts, I can?t help but think you?re trying to impress some chick. Why can?t you just IM your Internet girlfriend like all of your other friends on MySpace? :gay:

    See, I gave you what you wanted. Now, you can compose a witty retort utilizing the MS Word thesaurus feature. :gay:

    How lame.

  29. fanman

    The “anywhere else I would be laying tons of chicks, these girls are just wierd” is a pretty common excuse just about everywhere I’ve been. I havn’t been to DC but I doubt that the women there are any worse than Chicago, LA, New York, etc.

  30. nabeel

    “The ?anywhere else I would be laying tons of chicks, these girls are just wierd? is a pretty common excuse just about everywhere I?ve been. I havn?t been to DC but I doubt that the women there are any worse than Chicago, LA, New York, etc.”

    My sentiments exactly! it’s the same old grass-looks-greener-on-the-other-side thing.

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