– Scared of his own desires
– Does not like his reflection in the mirror.
– Unable to go after what he wants.
– Passive in bed.
– Waits for permission.
– Pushover.
– Looks for the nearest TV when you say the word “game.”
– Does not like to lead. Follower.
– Seeks identity in his career and not his masculinity.
– Afraid of taking risks.
– Qualifies his weaknesses.
– Worries about a girls’s pleasure before his own.
– Loves eating a girl out.
– Not a real man.

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55 thoughts on “TRAITS OF A BETA MALE

  1. Frank

    Come on guys get real…

    Put a skinny long haired slippery male amongst a group of women…that man is an alpha male by default. Unless there is a dyke truck driver in the midst of the group.(-ALPHA)

    Put a skinny long haired slippery eel amongst a group mercernaries, this man will get stepped on (-BETA)

    There’s a picture of Roosh in his photo section. Match up ! In the UK we call them used cars sales men. We call his customers sluts. And we certainly don’t worship this category of ‘alpha male’.

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  5. Scott

    Changing your outward appearance and trying to look more alpha for the females is lame fellas. Be comfortable in your own skin, be who you are, know what you want in a woman, and seek to find women that fit that.

    One day soon all ya’all will leave your 20’s. And on that glorious day, you will see all this alpha / beta bullshit for the hindrance it really is.

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