1. On May 9 I wrote this about DCist,

Formula for success […] Regurgitate news found on media outlets (for starters check newspapers that end their name with Post or Times). Summarize the article and then make a dull comment so it doesn?t look like you?re just copying and pasting stuff.

I was referring to their unoriginal approach to blogging. DCist is owned by a company that spits out identical web sites in different cities, whose main purpose is to make a profit. Writers for ist sites do it to get “street cred” blogging experience since they don’t get paid.

On July 17 Page Six wrote about Gawker editor Jessica Coen,

Unknown outside the dork-infested waters of the Blogosphere, her name is Jessica Coen, and she’s the co-editor of, where she regurgitates newspaper and magazine stories and slathers them in supposedly witty sarcasm.

Gawker is owned by Gawker Publishing, which spits out mainstream blogs for the main purpose of turning a profit. I’m glad that Page Six has also noticed the cheapness of summarizing the work of others for profit.

2. I made my second Express appearance yesterday, catapulting me to DC mega-stardom. For those of you that are new, my pre-DCB attention whoring put me in the Post a couple years ago. Note the A01 page number. Good thing I take a fork with me at all times to fend off my many crazed fans.


3. I will most likely be making an appearance to TBN‘s blogapalooza. There is no way I’ll be able to arrive at 6PM though, due to my suburban location. If you see me, please don’t be bashful and restrain your compliments about my writing. I hope Jessa comes because I have something to casually bring up.

12 thoughts on “HUMP DAY BLOG ROUND UP

  1. holiday

    Congrats. Now you’re right up there with KAC. Just waiting for the full length article.

  2. Liz

    No. It is a free newsletter/newspaper that you can get at any metro station, and possibly other places too (though I’ve only seen it at metro stations). It helps make the commute on the metro more bearable. At least it did for me when I had to commute to Metro Center from Shady Grove.

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