In October 2004 on my then-public blog, I wrote…

This site comes to an end, 3 years and 2 months after it started. It will continue in a more private form.

The end lasted eight months. The private blog was nice because I could make fun of anyone without repercussion, except of course when Gay Gay opened his mouth. No more confrontations in the hallway at work. No more paranoia that a girl I just met at the DMV found out about the page. No more guys reading my page daily because they think I’m boning their fiance. The excitement was over. I remember a post I made that got me in trouble with a ladyfriend, who to this day still thinks it is about her. Written May 2004:

I have a lady friend that I’ve known for a couple years. She appeared skinny to my eyes, even though she didn’t go to the gym. And she had an ass that was amazing. Some may say it was near perfection. Several months ago she decided to go the gym to get toned, and shorty after I noticed she lost a couple pounds. But soon it wasn’t about getting toned – it was about losing weight. I’d say, “You’re already skinny! Are you one of those skinny girls who look in the mirror and think you are obese?” I saw her recently and was shocked and saddened by massive weight loss that has not only evaporated her ass but also starting to make the bones in her back appear, a la Mary Kate Olsen. When are girls going to stop caring about how they look in the mirror, and instead worry about what guys think of them?

So I’m back, for now. I’ll stick to DCB as my online indentity even though 95% of you know who I am. I settled on because it didn’t out me so easily like the old URL. Even though I don’t live in DC, I am a bachelor. I took away categories for now because they weren’t really adding anything to the site. The major thing I need to work on is getting the smilies back.

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  1. Anonymous

    glad to see that you have your site back ! i was going thru withdrawl for the 8 months while it was “down”.

  2. fanman

    the underground site was cool like fight club but having the masses back on should spice things up

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