The men’s showers at my gym are set up communally so that everyone is visible. Most men like myself shower nude, but every now and then you have a guy showering in a towel or swim trunks. There is one guy there who is pretty weird; he showers with his swim trunks AND two large towels. I figure he doesn’t want to shower like normal guys because he’s small or has only one testicle.

Recently I was in the shower rinsing my back (facing outward) when I see the guy, but this time he was completely naked. I’m a curious person so I had to sneak a peek. Well, turns out this guy is ENORMOUS. It was like looking at a baby’s arm. I immediately turn away but the damage was already done. I walked out the gym that day much gayer than when I walked in. :shudder:

Here is a re-enactment of peek.

My body’s musculature was accurately drawn to scale.

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  1. Boy George, Elton John, George Michael, Rupaul, Barney Frank, Ellen Degeneres,

    Do you really want to hurt me, Do you really wanna make me cry. Do you really want to turn me, ooooooohhhhhhh make me cry. Gowddam, that was funny!!! Definitely raises serious questions about your preferences, but funny. Maybe, your coming out. Embrace it and hold your nuts.

  2. Greg

    One thing to be aware of, is that many large dicked men when errect will get harder, but not gain any further size.

    My younger brother lived in the athelete’s dorm at UofI. There were many extremely fit, well hung, cocky (they’re NCAA div 1 college ethletes with big dicks, remember) guys who would walk around naked from the dorm showers to their dorm room. He befriended a number of these guys, and found out that although they’re huge, their dick doesn’t really change in size.. just gets harder. That’s certainly something to take into account, when comparing it against your own unit. I know that I drastically change in width/length in different states.

    And to the haters who are going to target this as a queer post, know that I’m comfortable with my sexuality, consider myself an intelligent guy who likes to learn things and know more about how the world works. DCB and I have traded emails for 5+ years, and I consider him also a tolerate, smarter than the average bear type of guy, so that’s why I’m throwing this info out there. Also, along the same lines of being comfortable with myself, I also am not concerned with what you haters thing, so go ahead and do your thing.

  3. Luke

    You’re qualifying yourself to people you don’t know before anyone has even said anything to you Greg…

    Guilty conscience? Hiding something? Nervous about coming out? Come on big fella, its ok, we’ll still love you

  4. DCB Post author

    The guy had a distinct Ethiopian look. I still don’t think that “rumor” is true, and agree with what Greg said, though this incident was… eye opening.

  5. Mortis

    He tied it around his leg!? If you tie it around you leg then WAYSA?

    Much easier to throw it over your shoulder.

    Haha, nice drawring.

    Greg UofI like… Moscow? If so, I always thought it funny that the smallest most blonde girls around always had the biggest buffest (almost like dcb. almost) black guys follow them around. Meh.

  6. chancy

    So no I don’t think any of you are harboring overwhelming sexual confusions….but how did some of you not know that some men expand more than others? All I am saying is that when I was in college(and this still rings true today)some of the boys would ‘share’ certain stories that always left me feeling ‘overeducated’ and needing a lysol shower.

  7. Greg

    UofI as in University of Iowa.

    I admit, that did come off as a little defensive.. guess I’m just used to all the intolerants out there. ::shrug::

  8. P

    Funny story!

    From what I’ve read, displaying a large dick is for the benefit of other men–not so much for the benefit of women. It’s an alpha male thing.

    I’m not surprised that this hung guy often wore a suit. To not be the norm, big or small, sets you apart from the average guy. I’m sure he’s been on the receiving end of a few comments–both good and bad over the years. Shy guys probably can’t handle the stares and peaks as well as more outgoing guys. Very few guys do not sneak a peak. Every guy just wants to know how he measures up.

    Many guys seem to be either showers or growers. Growers may double or even triple in size from their flaccid state, while a shower may stay about the same size when fully erect.

    Today, I think the gym shower scene is a lot different than when I was younger. It just appears to me to be more sexual. I never saw an erection 20 years ago, and that’s not the case today. In just a years’s time I’ve seen a few.

    One guy was just enormous, too. He was fully hard and it was hanging almost down to his knees. It caught me by surprise, as I was walking into the shower and he was walking out. It was closing time so there weren’t many guys around.

    There’s more uncut guys today, which has changed the scenery a bit. I think a foreskin makes a dick look bigger. There’s a few European guys that go to my gym, and they’re all uncut.


  9. P


    The word you use is: ‘haters,’ but please be reminded that quite a few of these haters’ sexual orientation is homosexual or bisexual. These people profess to be something they’re not.

    I don’t like to focus on such minor details, but my mind did kind of wonder how your brother found out that the athletes’ big dicks didn’t change much in size when fully erect. Maybe when they were reading the Bible? Maybe when offering a hand to measure the athletes’ big dick for the Kinsey Institute Penis Size Survey. Two buds can always figure out a damn Kinsey Penis Size survey better than one.

    That’s what friends are for. What kind of friend wouldn’t help a bud measure his dick. A bud ain’t a bud if he won’t do transmission work on his car, do his homework, change his flat tire, host a tailgate party, or chill with him when the bud is lonely.


  10. Anonymous

    21 years old

    I am uncut and love to shower with the boys
    in my dorm. We have communal showers.

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